Application of led display

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At present, LED display products have only entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years, but the market response is very good, reflecting the huge demand.

Wide demand leads to the display of high-definition color display, super-stereoscopic, static, oil-like, if moving film performance, and can quickly capture a wide range of production areas and living areas with intelligent superior combination equipment, and him Start attacking more areas. Then, where is the LED using the display? What are the future developments? Please see the list below:

First, the outdoor advertising market

outdoor led display

(1) Street advertising column

Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of LED display. As advertisers pay more and more attention to the audience's feelings, the promotion and application of small-pitch LED display and smart advertising machine make LED products occupy the forefront of outdoor advertising market.

(2) Gas station

Gas stations have the advantages of wide coverage, large audience size and good economic conditions for the audience. This is also destined to bring more marketing value through the led screen, but also to meet the needs of advertisers. Future gas stations will be a promising market for leading display industries.

(3) Community media

The community-dominated display screen can be played synchronously through the central platform software, and can broadcast real-time community life information such as weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, and life services in real time, providing convenience for residents and disseminating valuable information at the same time. With the maturity of technology and further decline in prices, LED displays are increasingly used in community media.

(4) Building curtain wall

According to statistics, China's modern glass curtain wall has a total area of ​​more than 700,000 square meters, and has such a huge amount of glass curtain wall, is a huge potential market for outdoor advertising media and media technology for leg construction, which will lead the blue sea screen to break A new piece of market.

Second, the exhibition stage market

stage led display

(1) Stage

The LED display makes the stage of the show gorgeous and dynamic, while allowing the audience to watch the stage from a distance to add color to the show. With the increase in small shows and large concerts, led displays will also have a broad market.

(2) Hotel leasing

In recent years, there has been a clear trend in the hotel industry, that is, the number of meetings is increasing. Therefore, LED shows that the rental market is very popular, and even some star hotels are considering installing fixed LED displays.

(3) Bar\KTV

The application of LED shaped display in the bar, from the initial simple design to the perfect match between the stage and the lighting of the LED display, and the popularity of various shaped screens, has become a market segment that cannot be ignored. Product representative: LED DJ.

(4) Playground

With the tourist hotspots, theme parks, amusement parks and other public sports fields have begun to tend to use the display of various led information display devices, so that display devices are expected to become the preferred place.

Third, "smart" society

(1) Smart city

In the field of smart city construction, public safety, transportation, people's livelihood, etc. are closely related to the use of led display, which will also promote its rapid development and market popularity.

(2) Video conference

The video conferencing system shows that the terminal uses a small-pitch LED display, which is not only necessary for practical applications, but also necessary for enterprises to improve their image through hardware facilities.

(3) Smart Factory

In the manufacturing plant network, LED small-pitch display technology can be deployed from assembly lines, workshops to headquarters systems. At the same time, modern LED small-pitch display technology can provide 3D virtual simulation pipeline display and interactive control. Therefore, the smart factory is bound to become a new field for LED small-pitch display companies to explore.

Therefore, the LED display device market has ushered in a new outbreak of the industry market will be more prosperous.

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