How to choose high-end LED rental display products

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How to choose high-end products when LED display is rented, high-end LED rental display should have the following seven technical features: EMC optimization design, automatic calibration, cabinet status monitoring, dual card, current sharing N+1 power supply dual backup, mute Operation, intelligent brightness adjustment, low light reflection.


First, EMC optimization design

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In the application, the LED rental display needs to operate simultaneously with a variety of electronic devices. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference with each other, an EMC optimized design of the rental screen is required. For example: PCB uses no spike wiring design, low interference routing, multi-layer copper shielding, high and low frequency separation, multi-processing of sensitive signals, etc.; more optimized circuit design, such as multiple filtering, pure power technology; Shielding EMC cabinet structure design, etc., to solve electromagnetic interference through the above design.


Second, automatic correction

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What is automatic correction? It is to store the calibration data on the module, replace the module, receive the card, and send the card without any debugging. No need to resend the data, you can use it after powering up!

The traditional "point-by-point correction" correction technology, the replacement module, the receiving card requires professional operation to re-send the correction data; need to give each module number, create a folder to store the correction coefficient of the corresponding module, stored in the U disk or In the mobile hard disk, the user needs to separately save the module correction coefficient, and record the module number to make one of the corresponding ones; after replacing the receiving card or module, the correction coefficient needs to be re-imported. Block patch; if the user loses the correction factor, the correction cannot be enabled.


Third, the box status monitoring

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The receiving card of the high-end rental screen can detect and monitor the communication status of the cabinet temperature, humidity, power supply and fan signal line, so that the field staff can control the running status of the box in real time.


Four, dual card, current sharing N+1 power supply dual backup

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Since the LED display is composed of a large number of cabinets and a large number of electronic devices, the inevitable failure rate of electronic devices has been plaguing LED display users. Therefore, when some electronic components on the LED screen are in trouble, the display still works normally.

Dual-card, dual-power backup backup is a solution for ensuring the reliability and stability of LED displays in demanding environments.

Dual receiving backup mode, one box uses two receiving cards. The two receiving cards work at the same time, and each other is in a hot backup state, and automatically switches seamlessly when any one of the signals fails, ensuring that the display is working without fail.

In the parallel use of the current sharing power supply, the N+m backup method can be used to output a larger power. In the parallel system, each current sharing power source can share less power according to the power share. When a single power supply encounters a fault, the other current sharing power supply can continue to provide power to the system to improve the reliability of the system.


Five, silent operation

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In some high-end occasions of rental screen applications, such as museums, concerts, press conferences, etc., the noise of LED display screens is required, and low noise fans or fanless and low noise power supplies are required, sometimes to achieve this effect. Higher requirements will be placed on the power section.


Sixth, intelligent brightness adjustment

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In the performance, there is only one light source on the stage of the LED rental screen, and its display effect is inevitably affected by stage lighting such as projection, spotlights, and moving head lights. Therefore, it is necessary to install a high-end rental screen to automatically adapt to the sensitization adjustment device, and the display screen will not be affected by the ambient light.


Seven, low reflectivity

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Due to the presence of other light sources such as projections, spotlights, moving lights, etc., rental LED screens also have to consider the issue of illumination. The LED display package device adopts the all-black package design. The combination of black PPA material and epoxy resin makes the front of the lamp be black overall, which can better improve the contrast of the display. The surface of the device is fog-surfaced. The light reflection caused by the mirror effect of the glue is avoided, thereby effectively reducing the reflection interference and making the screen display of the screen more soft and vivid.

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