Definition and characteristics of transparent LED display screen

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Sunrise LED has been in operation for more than 10 years since 2007, and has now become a leading manufacturer in the LED display field. 4000 square meters factory 5S anti-static dust workshop base, sunrise has six production lines, each month more than 1000 square meters of LED display can be processed. In order to get high quality projects, Sunrise has a complete set of machinery and equipment, including professional SMT machine Japan, a variety of testing equipment, automatic silicon machine, vibration testing equipment, standard waterproof laboratory. Over the years, Sunrise has expanded its business around the world, but mainly in high-end markets, including the United States, South America, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Dubai, Kuwait. One. What is a transparent LED display screen?transparent led display screen ?Transparent LED display?screen, as the name implies, have the property of transmitting light like glass. Its realization principle is a micro-innovation of the lamp bar screen, and the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, control system are targeted to improve, coupled with hollow-out design of the structure, reducing the structural parts of the line of sight obstruction, maximizing the perspective effect. transparent?LED display?screen?is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display screen technology. It has 70%-95% transmittance, the panel thickness is only 10 mm, LED unit panel can be installed from the glass behind the glass, the unit size can be customized according to the glass size, the impact on the glass curtain wall lighting perspective is very small, and easy to install and maintain. Widely used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S stores, hotels, banks, chain stores and other places. The glass transparent LCF-X series independently developed by sunrise?has become the first LED display with 65% permeability even if the distance is reduced to 6 mm, and the conventional spacing is as high as 85%. transparent led display screen Two, the characteristics of transparent LED display screen. (1) High transparency has a very high perspective, with 70% - 95% of the transmittance, to ensure that the floor, glass facade, windows and other lighting structure between the requirements and visual angle range, to ensure the original glass curtain wall lighting perspective function. (2) no space occupation and light weight. The thickness of the main board is only 10mm, and the general weight of the display panel is only 12Kg /. It is fixed directly on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure. (3) no steel frame structure is needed, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs. It is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall without any steel frame structure and saves a lot of cost. (4) The unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, can make the advertising screen suspended on the glass curtain wall, has a good advertising effect and artistic effect. (5) maintenance is convenient and quick, indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources. (6) Energy-saving and environmental protection does not require traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning cooling, saving more than 30% energy than ordinary LED display. With the accelerated pace of urban construction, transparent LED display screen with light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, and glass curtain wall can be said to be in line with the application of glass curtain wall is not only no violation of feeling, but also because of its fashion, beauty, rich sense of modernity and scientific and technological breath. Urban architecture adds a special sense of beauty.    

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