Indoor LED display screen, things you don’t know.

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After years of development, sunrise Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has expanded its business around the world, but mainly concentrated in high-end markets, including the United States, South America, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Dubai, Kuwait. "Honesty, persistence, innovation and development". We?will try our?best to provide more qualified products and excellent services as always. The main business is all kinds of LED display. As a new kind of electronic dynamic graphics and text dot matrix display screen, LED display screen is a kind of information publishing media which can work continuously automatically in the public. It is a wonderful embellishment that can set off the atmosphere and decorate the environment. This more vivid expression will provide a more interactive and interesting way for the audience to participate. To meet the needs of the audience's subjectivity. Indoor LED display screen Compared with previous theater displays, the traditional theater uses more projection systems, which leads to a certain degree of defocus problem. Normally, even if the adjustment is good, 1-2 pixels of defocus is very common, because fundamentally, projection from the projector into the screen. The distance between the heart and the projection to the four apex is different. The principle of projection also determines that there are three primary colors in the projection tube, and their arrangement varies in position. For example, when horizontally arranged, the natural geometry of the projection onto a flat screen is projected. The direct impact of convergence is color border. When projecting a movie, the projector usually has a refresh frequency of 60 Hz, which may produce a little flicker, and the screen is a reflection of light, so white background must be used, resulting in small contrast and low contrast. And the indoor LED display screen is digital to digital, all electronic process, indoor LED display screen color unchanged for a long time, coupled with indoor LED display screen is self-luminous, no screen, no lens, no reflection is no glare, and is black background, so the contrast is much greater, image contrast It is also much larger. The measured results show that the contrast of the indoor LED display screen is several times higher than that of the screen, so the contrast of the image will be much better. This also determines that the use of LED display screens to play movies will not appear above the traditional film on the low refresh frequency, loss of focus, defocus and other common problems. Indoor LED display screen Moreover, at present, the indoor small spacing LED display generally solves the problem of multi-signal cut-in and processing in the indoor use, any time the switch is very easy, the projection will not appear format problem. Furthermore, the longest-lived light source of the traditional projection system is only 50,000 hours, and each projection hall must have a separate projection room, occupying a large independent space. Compared with the general life of LED displays up to 10W + hours and no special projection hall, there is a long-term cost overhead problem. After all these introductions I believe that our friends have a deeper understanding of the indoor LED display screen, if you want to know more about the indoor LED display screen or other types of LED display related information, you can contact the LED display manufacturer Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd., Sunrise here on the LED display The latest information on the screen is for users' reference. At present, the main products of sunrise Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. are: fixed LED display, lease LED display, stadium LED display, transparent LED display, automobile LED display, medical cross LED display. Asahi takes product quality as the life of the enterprise, from raw material procurement to production, installation and testing, each step is carried out according to ISO 9001:2008 international quality control process, scientific management, excellence, to ensure that every factory product is of high quality, welcome the broad masses of users and friends to come to understand and consult!

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