A closer look at 2020ISE: domestic LED screen companies are going global

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On February 11, 2020 local time, the world's largest audiovisual and system integration exhibition ISE was held as scheduled in the RAI Pavilion in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was not affected by the epidemic. As the only exhibition currently held on schedule, the ISE exhibition has attracted international companies such as Samsung and Sony. At the same time, many Chinese LED screen companies have also been found in the exhibition. In ISE, what kind of new products do these companies bring, and what kind of industry trends will they generate?

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Domestic LED screen companies are going global

  • According to incomplete statistics, a total of 27 LED screen companies in China participated in the ISE Netherlands exhibition, covering the six major screen companies listed in China and manufacturers in all aspects of the upstream, downstream, and downstream links. 27 companies were only exhibitors at the scene, excluding those affected by the epidemic Retired and missing companies. Moreover, a show requires a long time to prepare, and the ISE show has already closed its registration. Therefore, these 27 companies did not temporarily participate in the Dutch show because of the delay of the ISLE show and the Shenzhen show, but were already prepared. In addition, there were many state-owned enterprises at the CES show in January. All signs indicate that China's LED screen companies have begun to set their sights on the world, attach importance to overseas exhibitions, adjust, and make a clear move to the world.

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  • The reason why domestic companies participate in the Dutch exhibition is that companies want to be familiar with overseas markets and lay the foundation for opening up overseas markets; secondly, the Dutch exhibition is one of the major exhibitions for the new year. The market is of great significance, and the company will pay special attention to it. At the exhibition, it will launch a one-year dedicated work that can make a beautiful first shot for marketing in 2020. Third, the Netherlands exhibition is the world's largest audiovisual and system integration exhibition The conference has a high impact and strong appeal, and the location is located in Europe, one of the largest markets for LED displays in the world, so it has become a must-attend for many companies. Enterprises participating in overseas exhibitions not only have a strategic impact on enterprises, but also help strengthen China's LED display industry in the global international position. Compared with European and American screen companies, the advantages of Chinese screen companies are small pitches. This time, ISE exhibits that Chinese screen companies bring a large number of small pitch products to the exhibition, which can further increase the popularity of small pitch displays in China and help shape our small pitch displays. International brand, in order to expand the penetration rate of Chinese screen companies in the small-pitch global market, and strengthen the competitive initiative of Chinese screen companies.


  • Although there are some time and distance differences between China and the Netherlands, it does not prevent us from exploring the grand occasion of the Dutch exhibition. Through the information sent back by various companies, we can organize the information and analyze the 2020 ISE exhibition trend, predict the industry trend in 2020, and customize the company's strategic deployment for the new year through observation.

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