China has shown that brand bopo rental led display has landed in times square in New York.

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Beijing time on May 19, 2016, featuring the "Revolution of rental LED display from BAKO, China", and the huge LED rental display item ads appear is known as "the crossroads of the world" in times square in New York (Reuters) - a large screen, this is China LED display enterprise big screen debut at the New York times square, is LED display manufacturer brand promotion for the global market for the first time.The enterprise from the global important LED display production center in Shenzhen, China has 11 years of LED display r&d and manufacture of history - Shenzhen backus photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the photoelectric).

The new diamond series of the LED rental display screen in bopo has been launched in times square of the United States.

China's LED display companies are making their debut in New York's times square to highlight the power of Chinese brands.

New York's times square has been the international platform for enterprise shall, with the 2011 China national image huge video screens show in New York's times square, times square has become a high-quality platform of China excellent brand towards the world and an important window, wuliangye, gree electric appliances, giant network, Qingdao beer, jingdong, day cat, huawei and other Chinese famous brand through times square the "global vision" window shows the brand image.As an enterprise with 11 years of experience in LED display manufacturing in shenzhen, baco optoelectronics insists on the development path of product innovation and quality as the first productive force.Backus photoelectric not only based on the domestic market, at the same time facing the globalization international market to provide high quality LED display products, the backus photoelectric as the first LED display in China enterprise in time square, New York, also represents the Chinese LED display enterprise from the traditional way of overseas promotion of a fly, China LED display shift from manufacturing to brand competence.

Craftsmanship, extreme thinking, single product leads LED LED display industry to a new level.

For half a year, led by chairman Liu Digong backus photoelectric team, from product appearance design, structure design, circuit design and processing technology, the upgrading of the whole process of production process, create backus photoelectric rental display "diamond" series of products, diamond series rental display products, won the industry as it comes to just three months time series of nearly 4000 square meters of diamond rental screen exported to over 20 countries and regions.

Barco diamond series LED rental products.

The achievements of the bopo photoelectric diamond series mainly come from the six advantages of the product:

The first advantage: the modules can be maintained before/after the modules;Even in the most demanding application environment, only a few seconds of customers can easily solve the problems in the application process through two maintenance modes.

Second advantage: no line design in the industry;There is no power line and no line design between the module and the box body, the anti-interference ability is higher and the flexibility is stronger.Good gray, refresh rate up to 3000Hz.

The third advantage: signal double backup: dual signal input, with automatic detection signal integrity function.

The fourth advantage: one key test: liquid crystal display panel;The LEC liquid crystal display window has the detection button, which can quickly detect the working status of the display screen (temperature, voltage, signal, etc.).

The fifth advantage: seamless splice;The box and module adopts CNC fine digital processing, and the splicing error is controlled at plus or minus 0.05mm, and can achieve any size seamless splicing.

The six main advantages: standardized box design: 500X500, 500X1000 standardized box design, compatible with indoor P1.95, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81 and outdoor P3.91, P4.81 and P6.25.Among them, P3.91 and P4.81 are more indoor and outdoor, which greatly satisfy the purchasing cost of leasing customers, and also become the best-selling products of the diamond series.

Backus photoelectric as excellent LED display manufacturing enterprise, as a representative of the innovation of enterprises in Shenzhen, with the development of LED display industry forward-looking vision, the join "diamond" series of LED display screen product leasing, to lead the global leasing display industry revolution.

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