The Winter Olympics countdown, and the LED display is doing these things

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On November 28, in order to comprehensively test the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee held a one-day "event day" comprehensive drill in the Winter Olympic main operation center, the headquarters of the Shougang office area of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, which simulated the operation of the event day, Conduct simulation exercises of event allocation. On the day of the drill, 9 venues for Beijing Winter Olympics 50 units including (Group), 26 non competition venues and Zhangjiakou territorial operation support command organization participated in the drill. Across regions and time, various emergencies were superimposed during the drill, which comprehensively tested the response ability and disposal level of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games operation command level and venue operation level, cross regional command, dispatching and emergency support ability, and compared with the International Olympic Committee Communication, coordination and cooperation mechanism of the International Paralympic Committee. In addition to the busy figure of the staff of the command center monitoring and coordinating all aspects of information in front of the computer, the most eye-catching is the super large display screen showing all kinds of information at the drill site of the command and dispatching center.

Olympics led display

The large screen is spliced by four 4K small spacing led arc displays. It connects all competition venues in the whole process of the drill, and each screen has its own function. Screen 1 displays the real-time pictures of all venues, and several display cells present the live broadcast of all venues on the screen in real time, which is convenient for commanding the on-site staff to understand the situation of each venue at the first time; The second large screen is to maintain video contact with each division and urban operation support command organization, so as to facilitate the information transmission and decision transmission at the first time and realize the efficient operation of command and operation. Screen 3 is a task system. As the daily schedule of competitions in different competition areas is different, this large screen will take charge of the arrangement and scheduling of events in various venues in the form of time axis to ensure the orderly progress of events. Screen 4 is responsible for the presentation of real-time information such as weather and traffic. Some events of the Winter Olympic Games are outdoor events, which are greatly affected by the weather. The traffic conditions of the host city will also be affected by the competition schedule. The information presented by screen 4 can provide decision-making basis for the headquarters for emergencies. The audio and video system with these four large screens as the main body will become the "Winter Olympic brain" for the smooth holding of the whole winter Olympic Games. The headquarters will summarize various information through the four large display screens in the center, and release it to various institutions after scientific integration to ensure the smooth progress of the event.

Olympics led display

In order to successfully host the Winter Olympic Games, as early as 2019, the venues hosting the Winter Olympic Games began to carry out a series of upgrading and transformation. On October 28, 2021, the "bird's nest" upgrading project of the National Stadium was completed, marking the completion of all competition venues and non competition venues in charge of Beijing for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Naturally, this upgrade will not be without the venue LED screen that presents the venue situation to the audience and provides the scoring basis for the referee.

Olympics led display

The National Stadium "bird's nest" undertook the opening and closing ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. In the upgrading of the venue, the bird's nest installed electronic screens of different sizes in the audience area, and 90 small and medium-sized electronic screens surrounded the stand area, presenting a clearer viewing effect, which is convenient for viewers from a long distance to watch. The adjacent National Swimming Center "ice cube" has also been upgraded through the same venue display system. A 170 square meter large screen has been added on the east side of the venue, which will not only present the competition picture for the audience on the other three stands, but also combine the "curling trajectory capture" technology in the pavilion to display the curling trajectory in real time on the large screen, so as to facilitate the audience and the referee to understand the competition situation on the field, improve the viewing experience, but also assist the athletes in observation and judgment.

Olympics led display

In the Winter Olympics, ice and snow is the absolute protagonist. Compared with other summer sports, ice and snow sports venues have been in a low temperature environment for a long time. Therefore, low temperature is a difficult problem that all electronic equipment must overcome, whether in venues or outdoor competition venues. And the speed, range and impact of ice and snow sports are large, which requires higher requirements for event picture capture and real-time on-site presentation. In particular, it is located in the outfield to provide the spectators with a large display screen of the field picture, which must have the effect of cold resistance. Low temperature is easy to make objects brittle. In low temperature environment, the display screen shall adopt low temperature resistant raw materials and devices: cold resistant bottom shell, cold resistant mask, low temperature resistant waterproof glue, low temperature power supply, or low temperature resistant box, electronic devices and plug-ins. It is necessary to carry out conformal coating and cold proof treatment for some PCBs, components and parts that are easy to work in outdoor LED display screen. At the same time, preventive measures to prevent ice condensation should be taken to prevent short circuit in extremely cold conditions. This puts forward high requirements for the waterproof and cold resistance of the display screen and later maintenance. With the maturity of outdoor display technology, the protection and stability of LED display screen can meet the display task of Winter Olympic Games.

Olympics led display

As an international event, the Winter Olympic Games has high requirements and high standards for the display image quality and equipment stability of LED display screen. As a "double Olympic" city, Beijing will hold all the ice projects of the Winter Olympic Games here. For the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games, this city will carry out 8 competition venues, 16 non competition venues and 31 supporting infrastructure construction tasks, Including the upgrading and addition of the display system in the venue. Known as the "most beautiful competition area", Yanqing competition area will be the venue of snow events. Therefore, it has built a world-class national alpine skiing center and a national snowmobile and sleigh center to fill the gap in China. At the same time, a large display screen is set up on the stadium to facilitate the audience to understand the actual situation of the competition, All kinds of high-tech video broadcasting equipment and 5g + 8K ultra clear broadcasting vehicle and central station broadcasting vehicle are also introduced, and 5g + 4K / 8K + AI and other display black technologies are applied to broadcast to the large screen, so that national and global event followers can understand the grand occasion of snow events and the style of players flying over the snow in real time.

Olympics led display

Display upgrading, cold resistance and protection, the smooth operation and wonderful interpretation of LED display screen under extreme conditions may further show the strength of Chinese screen enterprises, and one major activity after another will continue to promote the development of China's HD industry, broaden the future market of LED display screen industry and put forward more possibilities for the future of LED display screen.

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