Solution of Mobile LED truck

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It is mainly used in business centers, streets, competition venues and some gatherings. the LED truck screen can achieve accurate advertising because of its unique mobile performance. At the same time, in some special places, such as narrow streets and some larger parties, the use of the truck screen can present perfect quality and sound effects, making the scene more enthusiastic and shocking.

The feature of the scheme:

The SMD 3 in 1 technology suitable for outdoor installation is generally three faces (left, middle, right), wide angle of view, high contrast and high refresh rate, color and brightness can be synchronously regulated, thus it ensures that almost any angle can allow potential consumers to see commercial advertising. Due to the special movement and vibration of trucks, the structure and components of the LED module are highly demanded, that is, moisture proof and shockproof.LED truck screen can also increase the function of lifting and rotation, supplemented by the own stage, can organize performance and improvisation activities, increase the scene atmosphere, to achieve the best advertising effect. ??The new box structure design, ultra-thin aluminum box, can effectively reduce the weight of the screen and save the fuel consumption of trucks.The box has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used in different climate regions all over the world. The temperature range can be used at -30 – 60 – C, even in high humidity and high salinity air environment. ??It has good waterproof effect and IP65 protection level, so that the display screen can continue to work for you in rainy weather. ?The ultra quiet diesel generator set (Cummings or European Code) has stable current output, low fuel consumption and low noise. ??The mainframe of the industrial control level can effectively deal with the possible damage caused by the strong vibration caused by the car movement. At the same time, it matches the sound of the built-in attack and defense to achieve the effect of shock and sound. ??The high refresh rate of up to 4000Hz makes the LED more stable, and the quality of the picture will be more stable and clearer when using tools such as mobile phones or cameras. At the same time, with the use of small distance outdoor products, the audience will be able to achieve high definition effect when viewing the advertisement near the close range. ?The software partition function can realize the multi screen display of the whole screen, and it can display the same image on three sides at the same time or display different images on three sides. ??Adopting the latest patented video processing technology to ensure excellent image display effect and arbitrary video conversion capability. The video signals that can be processed include CVBS (composite video), S-Video (S terminal), YCbCr (interlaced component), YPbPr (line by line component), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, 2.HDMI, SDI (standard, high-definition serial digital video) and VOIP (Copper).

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