Several main features of outdoor rental LED display

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sunrise?Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., a company in Pinghu, Shenzhen, is a manufacturer of LED display screen, which is mainly produced: a fixed LED display, a LED display screen, a transparent LED display, and so on. Provides the production and the sale service mechanism, has the specialized production team, the advanced equipment, the factory product quality is superior, the product exports many countries. The outdoor rental LED display is one of the LED display screens, and is currently the most widely used display product in the LED display market. The outdoor rental LED display is widely used in commercial advertising, sports events, stage real estate market, enterprise management and other public service places, with powerful media display, information release, creative display and other functions. The outdoor rental LED display is so magical that the following are the main points of the outdoor rental LED display. outdoor rental led display One, the outdoor rental LED display brightness is high, the general brightness in 5500cd, the brightest can reach 10000cd, even in the light of light can also be clearly visible, the display effect is good. Two, outdoor rental LED display as a kind of advertising media, various forms of advertising, more ornamental than traditional advertising, wider and more attractive. Three, outdoor rental LED display advertising content update speed, administrators can change the display of advertising content at any time according to the actual situation, the operation is relatively simple. Four, the outdoor LED display has good waterproof performance, strong UV resistance, and more than IP65 protection level. It can cope with all kinds of bad weather. Five, green environmental protection, outdoor rental LED display main light-emitting devices are LED beads, it is made from non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury will cause pollution, and LED can be recycled and reused. outdoor rental led display Six, energy saving and environmental protection, outdoor rental LED display panel not only energy conservation and environmental protection, all-weather work, can be fully adapted to all kinds of outdoor environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, earthquake resistance and other characteristics. Seven, seamless splicing, high refresh rate, outdoor rental LED display relative LCD splicing, will not appear, display effect more beautiful, and outdoor LED display has a relatively high refresh frequency, the whole picture is more delicate, the overall visual effect is more spectacular! Outdoor leasing LED display screen above the characteristics of the advantages, is its outdoor advertising display market in the "Xiaoao Jianghu" magic weapon!

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