Russia real case

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Sunrise P31.25mm pixel pitch transparent led screen

The Transparent led screen is customized for Russia and Middle East.

Its especial working temperature has advantages. Its working temperature is -40℃ to 70℃

So this working temperatur can let it is be perfect working in Russia and Middle East.

Transparent rate can arrivel 70%, it can be see-through from inside.

The transprant led screen is usual installed on high real wall building and glass window shopping mall for outdoor advertisement.

Its advantages let is has a big market.


  1. Single light bar easy maintenance. If here are some problems with the leds, then you just need replace that single light bar instead of whole cabinet.So that it can also save your costs in labour.
  2. DIP leds so high brightness. On usual, the DIP leds has higher brightness than SMD led. So this high brightness is useful for screen to work in strong sunlight day environment. Compared the SMD leds, the DIP leds has longer lifetime because its dead light rate is very low.
  3. Power saving big advantae. As for the led screen, its power consumption is also an important point. Higher power consumption also means higher electricity costs. Compared the traditional led screen, Sunrise transparent led screen can save the power consumption as high as 90%.?

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