Question:How to choose a full color LED display screen in a large hotel?

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led display in hotel When the full-color LED display screen is selected, the following aspects are taken into account:
  • 1. Real pixels and virtual pixels. As with the outdoor full-color LED display screen, the number of pixels of the indoor full-color screen is also divided into two types of real pixels and virtual pixels.
  • 2. The die. A good die can guarantee the quality of the led.
  • 3. Package form. The LED surface of the indoor LED display screen is provided with a single lamp, a sub-surface paste, a three-spelling and one-in-one surface paste and a three-in-one surface paste, and the like, and the appearance is not the same. The surface-mount package has the advantages of large viewing angle, good light-emitting consistency, easy automatic welding and processing, and is the main flow of the full-color LED screen, but the price is relatively high; the single-lamp visual angle is relatively small, the brightness is slightly higher, and the price is lower. The subscale is actually one of the single lights. Both the single lamp and the sub-meter are relatively cheap and are a transitional product.
  • 4. Density. Because the heat of the full-color LED chip in the room is large, the density of the control circuit is high, so the dot density of the commercial full-color screen can not be made very high.
  • 5. Driving mode. The driving mode of the indoor full-color LED display screen is constant current driving, and the dynamic scanning mode is adopted (mainly with 1/4,1/8 scanning mode). In the same case of the die, the circuit for 1/4 scanning is more, and the brightness is higher.

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