P3.91 show rental LED display

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The use of led display wall, from the earliest center on both sides of a large area of the main screen and screen method, also gradually transition to the panoramic video wall and the omni-directional stereometric formula the comprehensive utilization of video wall, in the past as long as there is strength to establish led stage, CCTV is also gradually appear in many provincial party.However, the technical technique of bento does not mean that it is efficient, and the comprehensive utilization of high-tech methods on the stage does not represent the real high level of stage playing. P3.91 rental led display The following are the engineers from the lighting company to tell us about the use of the stage led display.1, stage led display all, whatever part of the led screen use habits, let difficulties on TV television fundamental constituent units is not the same as other scene lens, is panoramic, middle distance and close-up briefly, and the play of more is "panoramic" role.Many of the inventive teams, when they are making the choreography, usually think only of the "big role" of the panorama, the medium of demand for television, especially the lack of thinking about the feature. stage led display picture of real use, the video is happening on the stage and the content in the way feeling infinite resistance playing for high way, show the stage in color, light, formation, for long, and most of the video, live action film color is too fat, will stage as the main set, but will show on the stage style brings great damage, let the audience happens not to be able to "see" and "don't know what to see" the messy feeling, originally used for strengthening program planning, finally also brings huge impact to the viewers, also violated the manufacturing help show the fundamental principle of stage design planning. LED screen use, damage, the lights of the stage play area stage LED display produced using capital gradually decline, let many creators blindly following the concept of "panoramic video stage", in the stage plan many use LED screen, have even more, all dance beautiful mural use leds to replace.However, many creators have neglected the fact that LED screens can bring infinite light pollution to the stage, and they are now regretful when the stage is finished and the whole lighting is made.

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