Outdoor led advertising screen makes cities better

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Cities make life better. Outdoor led advertising screen makes cities better.At this year's cannes creative festival, we saw many excellent outdoor creative works, which have added a strong sense of goodwill to the city.outdoor led advertising screen There is no "bigger" logo, no sensationalist headlines, no no-call hotlines, no endless product information?this set of outdoor led advertising screen works, which is least like outdoor advertising, won the grand prize of cannes outdoor category.Is just because of the existence of this idea, the city suddenly took off his coat business, as a giant photography art scene, every outdoor stands show has become the platform of art, and creative artists of the beauty, are you with me everyday of iPhone users.For such works, there is nothing but worship. outdoor led advertising screen outdoor led advertising screen When driving, whenever there is a big truck in front of you, the first response is to overtake you.Together with samsung, Argentina's Leo Burnett has given urban transport a new idea: letting trucks share their views on the back of the car.A camera mounted near the headlights monitors everything on the road in front of it, and a live video is placed in the back of the truck so that the driver behind the car can see it clearly.From then on, following a cart is no longer a burden, but a benefit.Safe ahead, please pass! < When it comes to traffic safety, running red lights is a commonplace topic. Why do people run red lights?Maybe it's because I'm in a hurry, maybe it's because I'm bored waiting.Smart gives a Smart way to make waiting for a red light a lot easier.Traffic lights on the red dog, is no longer a boring standing action, but with a dynamic music, flexible in movement, like the dancing in the evening, a boring boring atmosphere.Passers-by with time can also enter a nearby dark shed and map their dancing moves to traffic lights. Who would not stop to admire such red lights?

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