Outdoor stage LED display Charm

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LED display screen has been widely used in people's field of vision for many years ago, the display effect alone can not meet people's needs, in this situation, many new technologies, new materials, new ideas have gradually become the elements of modern digital dance design, outdoor stage LED display screen with its brilliant colors, provide for stage performance. Extending and supplementation, enriching the performance of the performance and so on, is becoming more and more popular with the stage. Outdoor stage LED display Compared with the traditional stage lights, LED display screen in the stage performance is incisive and vivid, with a strong art; it can not only simulate the real scene, reproduction of nature, but also can show the effect of images. It has incomparable flexibility compared with traditional scenery, and has the characteristics of light source with the lighting system. The amount of information that users can get from the images is much larger than that from traditional stage lighting. The virtual picture it creates is the perfect combination of light and shadow and art. We all know that outdoor stage LED display screen is widely used in stage performance and TV station evening, so it often involves live broadcast and shooting broadcasting. If the design and material selection is not reasonable, it will lead to our common water ripple phenomenon, that is, we often say the molar pattern. Once this problem troubled many LED display manufacturers, many LED display manufacturers to solve this problem, but also put forward many corresponding solutions. For example, the display screen with high-definition and high-order PWM driver IC, which is launched by Liancheng Facility, has solved this problem well for the majority of users. Over the past decade or two decades, LED display devices have provided a large space and cohesion for the stage, which is also an important reason why LED products are popular with users. With the improvement of LED display brightness and spacing performance, LED display has become the core mode of LED technology used in stage engineering. The application of LED screen in outdoor large-scale places and indoor close-up viewing places has made a major breakthrough, so that LED screen in the entertainment market development, not limited to stage parties and other projects, but began to explore more entertainment new territory. Different application scenarios and different application methods can bring new changes to the outdoor stage LED display screen, LED display screen also slowly appeared in the modern wedding. The application of LED display in the wedding can not only make a wedding become warm, but also make the wedding appear more high-end atmosphere.  

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