LED video display processor creates a new visual experience for you

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LED display has been developed for more than 30 years. As an important carrier of information transmission, the image display effect has always been the focus of all end users.With the growing market of LED display, technology upgrade continuously, many peripheral devices also arises at the historic moment, LED video display processor as the LED display witnesses in the whole process of the birth, growth, and maturity and key equipment, the quality of the image processing function for LED display perfect images play a crucial role, always help the vigorous development of LED display industry. Display channel diversification visual effect is clear, LED?video display processor is LED display dedicated video processor, it through the resolution specs conversion, color space conversion, bit depth increase, zoom, image processing, and enhancing the technical process of five links will come from outside such as blu-ray DVD, computer, hd broadcast box channel image signal, signal into LED display can accept.Before the birth of LED display video processor, LED display can only accept DVI desktop computer signals, some contents in the computer, if add video acquisition card convert other signal, the interference and signal lost itself in the process of transmission, show the effect of the short of the best.And LED display video processor not only realized at the same time to accept and deal with the advent of a variety of different video graphics signal is displayed on the LED display, increase the diversification of broadcast content, but also make the visual effect of image had the very big improvement.The technology gradually ripens and helps the LED display to develop better.led video display With LED display applications innovation, different scenarios each are not identical to the requirement of LED display, but also for the LED display industry brings more severe test technology, such as the LED display used in outdoor, as influenced by geographical factors such as weather, request LED display present a better image, the LED display video processor has the advanced image scaling processing algorithm, after scaling treatment not only ensure the video images, maximum keep the sharpness of the image and gray level, the more abundant image adjustment options and adjustment effect, to deal with image brightness, contrast, gray,Enough to ensure that the LED screen can output soft and clear images outdoors.In addition, the LED display based on high-definition video processor image all hardware high-speed processing, persisting pattern called a key, a variety of patterns call special seamless characteristics such as advanced technology, as well as the LED display screen in the lease, display exhibition center, stage, TV studio theatre, conference and other large LED display applications also.LED display technology continues to improve, LED display video processor is gradually maturing in the process.Nowadays, LED display video processor, advanced algorithm can be applied to signal to the decoration of poor image quality, execute to interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and a series of processing, to realize the seamless switch, fades, image output image quality is excellent, smooth, no dislocation and delay phenomenon.LED display with the aid of the LED display video processor, for end users to better visual experience at the same time, improve the reputation LED display products, further expanding the market demand of the terminal market of LED display.Small - spaced LED displays will bring opportunities and challenges. With its advantages in display effect, small spacing LED display has rapidly penetrated into more fields in the past two years, showing the trend of rapid development.As the 4 k / 8 k ultra clear industry chain development brings a large number of high-quality image signal, the market for LED display video processor demand also will increase, and how to make small spacing LED display would be a perfect rendering of these resources to the LED display video processor to a lot of challenges.Small spacing LED display as a high-resolution display screen, in terms of technology, not only requires the LED video processing equipment to have high resolution video output, also to be high resolution video input, make real non-destructive restore display picture.Now, many manufacturers have started to launch the video controller for LED display with small spacing products. This will also be the development trend of the video processor industry in LED display. In LED display hd era, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology has brought the huge amounts of data, such as video processor not only carrying the image processing and analysis, codec compression, such as a lot of work, also can embed large quantities of intelligent analysis algorithm to analyze vast amounts of data.The binding of LED video processor and display screen not only greatly facilitates the wide application of end users, but also improves the depth of the LED display.

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