LED backlight display billboard will be very fast

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According to the research of DisplaySearch for LED and CCFL light source and backlight module, LED backlight has become the main development trend of large-size panel, and the delivery of LED backlight billboard will be very fast.In 2011, according to "forecast, using LED backlight shipment will surpass traditional CCFL with large size panel EEFL shipment, LED display billboard shipments ratio estimation will reach 56%, relative to the traditional lamp shipments ratios will fall to 44%.Meanwhile, by 2015, the penetration rate of LED panels will reach 78%. It is pointed out that LED backlighting is a very obvious trend. In 2009, we estimate that there will be 27.8% large LCD panels with LED backlight.With LED backlight LCD TV (parameter images article) application development and brands actively using LED backlight LCD TV products, plus some new LCD also catch the LED backlight trend, estimates that in 2010 LED backlight panel shipments ratio will further increase to 44% level.And the traditional CCFL and EEFL tubes will be shipped from 72% in 2009 to 56% in 2010.

Senior vice President, according to a study DisplaySerach material and cost Yoshio Mr Tamura analysis, comparing with the traditional CCFL and EEFL light tube, LED backlight has a save electricity, thin appearance, in order to improve performance and promote differentiation product advantages, such as panel, while the LED backlight there are still some technical difficulties and cost is high, but this is the first time we see the whole supply chain vendors, including the back light, panel factory, the machine manufacturers such as like-minded to try on the LED backlight products.Through these efforts, we have seen that LED backlight cost structure has greatly improved, and the cost has decreased, accelerating the future development of LED backlight products.

Mr Tamura said at the same time, the rapid development of LED backlight in addition to the LED backlight products more quickly applied to the notebook PC, LCD monitor and TV, the plasma and greatly threatened the future of the OLED display technology!

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