Basic knowledge of LED display screen (1)

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LED display is a flat panel display consisting of a small LED module panel for displaying various information such as text, images, video, and video signals.

led display


1. Background introduction:

led display

The LED's illuminating color and luminous efficiency are related to the materials and processes for making LEDs. The bulbs are all blue-light at the beginning, and phosphors are added at the back. According to the different needs of users, different light colors are adjusted, and the widely used reds are used. , green, blue, yellow parts. Due to the low operating voltage of the LED (only 1.2~4.0V), it can actively emit light and have a certain brightness. The light can be adjusted by voltage (or current), and it is resistant to shock, vibration and long life (100,000 hours). Among the large display devices, there is no other display mode that rivals the LED display mode.

Putting red and green LED chips or tubes together as a pixel-made display is called a three-color or dual-primary screen, and puts red, green, and blue LED chips or tubes together as a pixel display. The screen is called a three-color screen or a full-color screen. If only one color is called a single color or single primary color screen, the pixel size of the indoor LED screen is generally 1.5-12 mm. It is often used to package several LED dies that can produce different primary colors, and the pixels of the outdoor LED screen. The size is mostly 6-41.5 mm, and each pixel is composed of several various single-color LEDs.

Regardless of whether a single-color, two-color or three-color screen is made with LEDs, the brightness of each LED that is required to form an image must be adjustable, and the degree of fineness of the adjustment is the gray level of the display. The higher the gray level, the finer the displayed image, the richer the color, and the more complex the corresponding display control system. Generally, the image of 256 gray scales has a very soft color transition, while the color image of 16 gray scales has obvious color transition boundaries. Therefore, color LED screens are currently required to be 256 to 4096 grayscale.


2. Advantage analysis:

led display

(1) Area ductility, large LCD area is difficult to achieve seamless splicing, LED display can be arbitrarily extended, and seamless splicing.

(2) LCD plasma screen luminous flux decays very quickly, generally running for about one and a half years, it needs to be replaced, but the LED display has no problem under the same operating conditions for at least five years.

(3) LED brush screen machine can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the screen machine and the advertising target, such as custom touch screen, cloud technology broadcast control and so on.

(4) In terms of display effect, the high brightness of the LED display screen, the wide viewing angle and the good color reproduction ability are also superior to the LCD screen. LED brushing machine is generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, cinema, exhibitions, office buildings, etc. The target customers have strong spending power and have huge advertising value.

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