What technical requirements should a good LED stadium screen meet?

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LED displays are widely used in many industries due to energy saving and environmental protection, including the sports industry. Take football matches as an example, when watching TV live or in-person experience, viewers will definitely notice the LED display screens around the stadiums. They are active in the live atmosphere, show the details of the match, and bring some Advertising revenue. So for high-standard football matches, what technical requirements should these matching LED stadium screens meet?

Judging from the basic technical performances such as brightness, viewing angle, protection level, and heat dissipation, LED stadium screens are not essentially different from outdoor displays in other industries. However, from the professional direction of football sports events, LED stadium screens emphasize the real-time, accurate, fast, and distortion-free release of dynamic information (excellent lens playback, live broadcast). In addition to wide viewing angles and high grayscales, general technical parameters are recommended. Achieving a refresh rate of not less than 3840Hz, integrated high-performance driver chip, static scanning, live streaming and shooting should be stable without tearing.

Stadium Screen

In order to meet the informationization of the global court, in addition to the open-air main stadium, LED screens are set in the parking lot, referee area, athletes lounge and even each functional area of ​​the stadium. In order to realize the "people-oriented" concept, the stadium screen should follow the following functions when designing:

1. Anti-collision module design: easy to dismantle / represent humanistic care to players

  • Because the stadium screen is usually in the rental scene, it is required to be simple and fast to remove and replace, and the use is stable. Interlocking devices are usually used between the splicing chassis. At the same time, the module is easy to install and remove, and it also solves the problem of seamless splicing of large areas.

  • Considering that the geographical and climate of many competition areas are quite different, in addition to the protection and quick maintenance of the box unit module from moisture and water, the structural design of the screen body uses a soft mask to ensure direct sunlight. Still clearly visible. High-intensity anti-collision devices are applied to the chassis to protect players from injury, which reflects the humane care of the new LED stadium display solution.

Stadium screen
2.Audience / Referee / Organizer perspective:

  • (1) Achieve better display effect with retractable support device
In order to achieve good displayability, the bottom of some high-spec stadium screens provide unique lifting retractable support devices. The stand can be adjusted in height within a fixed range, standing more stable, and satisfying good display effects in different directions.
  • (2) Integrated multi-function, customized display screen
Taking the referee video assistant system newly added in foreign competitions in recent years as an example, it can realize the review, recording and broadcast of real-time pictures, so as to more accurately handle disputes and penalties, and cut goal scores.   The new LED stadium screen integrates professional timing scoreboards, sports video information, and even comes with advertising and entertainment. It has multiple displays on one screen, supports remote monitoring, and seamlessly intersperses advertisements during live events to achieve different functional areas in different areas. The division and customization guarantee a reasonable advertising or value-added service income.
  • (3) Multiple installation methods, more widely used
In addition, different functional areas around the court should be equipped with pitch LED display products with different pitches, and support wall, seat, and hanging to meet fence screens, indoor splicing walls, and many different greenery field application scenarios or other Functional Requirements.   This article shares some of the technical requirements that a good LED stadium screen needs to meet, and I hope to help everyone.

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