Sunrise opens up the era of common-cathode cold light source.

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With the wide application of LED display screen, besides the higher requirement for display effect, temperature and power consumption are also a key indicator for the customers’?concern. Traditional energy-saving measures can not?meet the requirements?any longer . Sunrise LED?adopts new energy-saving technology and expresses the screen with?a higher-end common cathode cold screen solution, which maintains excellent display effect while significantly reducing the power consumption and temperature of the display screen, thus opens?up the era of common-cathode?cold light source. In order to let you know more clearly what the cold screen is, we have done several comparative tests between the common-cathode?cold screen and the common-anode?screen. I believe that after reading these laboratory test data, you will understand the advantages of the common-cathode?cold billboard. Outdoor common-cathode cold screen?test Test environment:
  1. Circumstancebrightness / 1500CD
  2. Circumstancetemperature / 24℃
  3. Temperature/16-26℃
  4. Wind/Breeze
Testing requirements: facing the sun and continuous testing under 6500CD with 255 gray scale and brightness of white balance display screen.   Test items:
  1. Temperature raisingtest
  2. Color decaytest
  3. Power test
Temperature raising?test Temperature raising?test refers to the procession?in which the temperature of the display screen increases gradually with the passage of time. The test results show that the temperature of the common cathode scheme is about 20 degrees lower than that of the conventional common anode scheme. Colour decay?test The color decay?test refers to the gamut parameters such as brightness, white balance coordinates and color temperature changing with temperature. The test results show that the common cathode directly improves the color decaying (brightness, gamut, color temperature) of the common anode during the continuous temperature rise stage, and maintains color consistency at extreme temperatures. Power consumption test Power test refers to the test of the power consumption of the display screen. The test results show that the improvement of the power factor of the common cathode can improve the active power, and the low voltage (2.8V + 3.8V) is used in the light bead power supply to reduce the useless power of the LED display screen in use, thus achieving energy saving of 20%-30%. By comparing the temperature rise, color decay?and power consumption test, the common-cathode?cold screen has lower temperature, better color consistency and lower power consumption, which is the best solution for outdoor energy-saving display screen.

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