Technical requirements for installation of sky screen LED display

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Sky screen LED display? is a new type of supporting display screen for urban landmark building decoration, such as commercial real estate. It is hoisted on the roof of buildings, and plays a better role in lighting and rendering the indoor and outdoor environment of decorative sky screen LED display. With the continuous expansion of the Sky Screen LED display market, its value in commercial real estate has also been widely recognized by the industry. Then, what are the technical requirements during the installation of canopy LED display? Sky screen LED display One.?Light and transparent: Sky screen LED display category project area is generally very large, and the use of hoisting installation, its own weight can not be ignored. Therefore, when using the skylight LED display, we should reduce the weight of the load-bearing structure as much as possible to reduce the burden, and adopt the "transparent" design to reduce the wind load. In addition, the aesthetics of the Sky Screen LED display itself should also be taken seriously, the light design can make it add luster in the implementation process of the Sky Screen. Second, standard modular design: for the production and manufacturing needs, the box needs a certain size, the box is too large, difficult to produce, easy to install, on the contrary, production is simple, installation is cumbersome. The standardized design of the sky screen LED display box can make LED display original parts, power supply, control, unit structure integration, easy to aging, debugging, transportation and installation. Sky screen LED display Three. Easy to use: "Lifting as light" is the design standard of large-scale products, the more advanced the larger the final operation of the more convenient, including maintenance, commissioning, use. Portable product design can reduce the labor cost in the follow-up installation and maintenance process, making the whole process more efficient. LED display manufacturers have pioneered a new type of transparent LED skylight screen, can be installed on the skylight transparent LED display screen, the sky is lighter, more transparent, more magical! This screen can show translucent visual effect during the day, good daylight can see blue sky and white clouds; at night, can play the United States wheel under the bright stars. The beauty of the video, accompanied by wonderful sound effects, brings people a shocking visual feast.

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