Double-sided transparent LED display

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After years of development, LED display has developed to a certain height: various types of screens are emerging in people's lives. It is undeniable that the LED display still occupies a large proportion of the market, but at the same time these have advanced display technology, leading the trend of LED industry LED colorful creative LED display screen is gradually expanding. Transparent LED display screen is generally one-sided, can only display one side of information, and double-sided transparent LED display screen is the superposition of two display screens, both front and back can display content. So how do you realize the double faced transparent LED display? Do you know? Let's introduce below. Double-sided transparent LED display 1.Double-sided transparent LED display box structure: double-sided transparent LED display box structure is equivalent to two front-maintenance LED display screen back-to-back connection, double-sided box is also attributed to a special forward-turn structure box, the center is attributed to a fixed structure, two sides and the center of the upper half of some connection, protection time can be required to repair or The protective box is turned upwards. 2, the main advantages of double-sided transparent LED display: double-sided transparent LED display to the customer's special needs as a starting point, is the need for customized products. In the investment and pricing given customers more choices, fundamentally breaking the transparent LED display single form of expression and business model. It can be used in the inner central area of a large shopping mall to facilitate people on both sides of the view, can also be used as LED glass curtain wall screen, which provides people inside the building to watch, outside to provide outdoor crowd to see. 3.Double-sided transparent LED display features: single screen area can not be too large; the first choice of hoisting device; double-sided LED display can share a LED control card, control card selection zoning control card, usually double-sided area is flat, display content is the same.  

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