A few tips on pixels of LED display(1)


What is the relationship between pixels, pixel pitch and resolution? The resolution of the screen is determined by the total number of pixels in the display. The higher the number of pixels, the h...

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Talking about how to make LED display more energy saving and environmental protection


Green environmental protection has become a major theme in today’s era. Society is progressing, but environmental pollution is also constantly expanding. Therefore, human beings must protect ...

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The new look of Sunrise LED


Thanks to the efforts of the Sunrise team, our meeting rooms and lounge areas are more dynamic.         Sunrise LED Display factory 

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Question:How to choose a full color LED display screen in a large hotel?


When the full-color LED display screen is selected, the following aspects are taken into account: 1. Real pixels and virtual pixels. As with the outdoor full-color LED display screen, the number ...

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U.S. 169 square meter truck LED screen shipments


    Sunrise LED Display factory  Truck LED screen  

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Question: How to choose the model of outdoor LED display


Outdoor LED displays are advertising display devices with audio and video functions, especially outdoor LED displays are gradually replacing canvas ads and light box ads with good advertising effe...

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Question: How to solve the problem of LED display screen?


If the new screen is electrified, it may be that the control card settings are not scanned correctly, or that the wiring is not plugged in (check the wiring from the control card to the first boa...

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Sunrise teaches you how to choose the right LED display for stadiums


LED display has become a necessary facility for modern large-scale stadiums. A large number of LED displays are used in major sports events, especially in the world’s top sports events such a...

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The Future growth Space of LED display screen Industry


Where is the growth space in the future when the LED display manufacture has reached an unprecedented level of development? The LED grid screen is good, that is, the LED grid screen is also commonl...

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Excessive Price Competition of led Electronic display screen caused by High degree of marketization


With the continuous progress of social development, with the continuous deepening of LED display screen into people’s lives, people’s living standards are also constantly improving, LED...

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How much is a square led display can consult Sunrise LED


How much is a square LED display? In fact, there are often no eternal answers, because there are too many factors that affect the price of LED displays. Please find a professional to consult accord...

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What is the viewing angle of a full-color LED display?


We know that televisions, computer displays, and LCD displays all have viewing angles, and this also exists in the field of LED screens. What is the viewing angle of the full color display? What fa...

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