LED electronic display five key technologies

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  • At present, various media publicity has been widely developed, and the number of exposed information displays in public places is increasing. People have higher and higher requirements for the color and brightness of the display system. LED electronic information display has good pixels, no matter day or night, sunny or rainy days, LED electronic information display can let the audience see the display content, to meet people's needs for display systems.
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  • Image acquisition and processing technology
  • The principle of the LED electronic information display screen to display images is mainly to convert digital signals into image signals and present them through the light-emitting system. The traditional method is to use video capture card combined with VGA card to realize the display function. The main function of video capture card is to capture video images, and obtain the index address of line frequency, field frequency and pixel point by VGA, and obtain digital signal mainly by copying the color lookup table. Generally, software can be used for real-time replication or hardware theft, which is more efficient than hardware theft. However, the traditional method has the problem of compatibility with VGA, which leads to the edge blur, poor image quality and other bad situations, and finally causes the image quality of electronic information display to be damaged.
  • Secondly, the resolution acquisition adopts the full-screen mode to ensure that the video image is optimized in all angles, the edge part is no longer fuzzy, and the image can be arbitrarily scaled and moved to meet different playback requirements. After Z, it can realize the effective separation of the three colors of red, green and blue, and meet the requirements of true color playback of electronic information display.
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  • Real image color reproduction
  • The full-color LED achieves different color reproduction through effective combination of red, green and blue colors. The purity of the three colors red, green and blue will directly affect the reproduction of the image color. It should be noted that the reproduction of the image is not a random combination of red, green and blue colors, but requires a certain premise. The red, green and blue color light distribution control system can be realized by the hardware system or by the corresponding playback system software.
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  • Dedicated reality drive circuit
  • There are several ways to classify the current pixel tube: scan driver; Dc drive; Constant current source drive. For different screen requirements, the scanning method is different. For indoor dot matrix screen, the scanning mode is mainly used. For outdoor pixel tube screen, in order to ensure the stability and clarity of its image, DC drive mode must be used to add a constant current to the scanning device. Early LED mainly uses low-voltage signal series and conversion mode, which has more solder joints. Production costs are high. Lack of reliability and other shortcomings, these shortcomings in a certain period of time limited the development of LED electronic information display.
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  • Brightness control D/T conversion technology
  • Led electronic information display has a large number of independent pixels through the arrangement and combination of the way, based on the separation of pixels between this feature, LED electronic information display light emitting control drive mode can only be expanded through the form of digital signals. When the pixel is illuminated, its luminous state is mainly controlled by the controller and is independently driven. When the video needs to be presented in a color mode, it means that the brightness and color of each pixel need to be effectively controlled, and the scanning operation is required to be synchronized within a specified time. Some large LED electronic information displays are composed of tens of thousands of pixels, and their complexity is greatly increased in the process of color control, so higher requirements are put forward for data transmission.
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  • Data reconstruction and storage technology
  • At present, there are two main ways of organizing memory groups, one is the combination pixel method, that is, all pixels on the screen are stored in a single memory; The other is the bit plane method, that is, all the pixels on the screen are stored in different storage bodies. The direct effect of multiple uses of storage is to be able to read a variety of pixel information at one time, and the two organizational methods are seen. The bit plane method of the above two storage structures is more advantageous, and the effect is better when improving the display effect of the LED screen. Through data reconstruction circuit to realize the conversion of RGB data, the same weights with different pixels are organically combined and placed in adjacent storage structures.

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