LED display installation diagram, very easy to understand!

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  • As a custom-made product, the LED display is usually installed in the following order: laying cables (communication lines, power lines)一preparation一production/ fixed structure一fixed connection power一fixed connection control card一installation unit board一debugging
  • At present, apart from some indoor small-pitch screens on the market, most of the indoor display unit board fixing methods are attracted to the customized structure by magnets. The structure can be made of stainless steel or aluminum-plastic panel by 9045 profile or square tube. User requirements or actual conditions to choose structural materials.
  • Sunrise LED takes the indoor P4.75 two-color display as an example to make a display installation diagram for everyone.
  • Illustration of indoor P4.75 display assembly
  • Prepare the accessories of the display screen and assemble them on site according to the assembly diagram steps after the goods arrive. First find a flat and clean assembly site. Operated by at least 2 people.

Step 1: Assemble the frame

Here we use the 9045 profile to splice the frame structure first. LED display installation Step 2: Fix the keel (9 keels on one screen, the center distance of the keel is 304mm, which is the width of a unit plate of φ3.75 (P4.75). If it is a unit plate of another model, follow the actual unit plate width or the unit plate magnet. Width to determine the keel spacing.) LED display installation

(As shown, the keel is fixed in sequence from left to right)

  LED display installation

(Fix the position with a self-tapping hole, and then reinforce it with a screw)

Step 3: Fix the square tube The square tube plays the role of supporting the tie knot, the main purpose is to strengthen the structure of the screen, and the fixed position can be adjusted according to actual needs. LED display installation Step 4: Mount the frame on the wall Lay out the power cable (RVV3 * 2.5) and network cable (GB-5 cable) to the installation location in advance
  • 1. Each frame is provided with three angle irons. After measuring the installation position, fix the angle iron to the wall with expansion bolts.
  • 2. Hang the frame on the angle iron. Fix the angle iron and the frame with self-tapping in the internal test
LED display installation Step 5: Install switching power supply (12 power supplies for one screen) Switching power supply wiring: one power supply connects 3 outputs to supply power to 6 unit boards Fixed switching power supply (positioned as shown in the figure, relying on the square tube and keel, tied with a cable tie or fixed in another way) LED display installation Step 6: Switching power supply wiring Use the RVV3 * 2.5 sheathed wire to snake the L, N, and ground terminal blocks of each switching power supply. LED display installation Step 7: Check the power wiring for short circuits and missing connections LED display installation Configure a certain number of control cards of a certain model according to the screen size and model. LED display installation
  • The position of the control card installation icon is fixed. Pay attention to insulation and isolation to prevent the original pins on the back of the control card from being electrically connected or shorted.
  • The control card is connected with a network cable. Each screen is equipped with a network cable. The main network cable is connected from the control card on the right
  • The control card is fixed in place with a cable tie
  • Step 9: Connect to the main power supply, power on to check whether the power supply is normal, and whether the control card power indicator is on.
Step 10: Install the unit board LED display installation
  • 1.  first ensure that each switch power supply is normal, first turn off the power to ensure power failure!
  • 2. Unpack the unit board and fix the magnet. Take the screen we are explaining today as an example: a screen requires 72 unit boards, 8 (length) * 9 (height)
  • 3. Install and fix the unit board in the order from right to left and from bottom to top (fixing method: the magnet can be attached to the keel)
Pay attention to four points when fixing the unit board
  • 1. Unit board installation direction, the arrow on the back of the unit is strictly installed
  • 2.If unevenness occurs at the splicing place of the unit board, you can adjust the splicing place by adjusting the four corner magnet screws.
  • 3. When the unit board is fixed, connect the power plug. Be sure not to plug the positive and negative plugs.
  • 4. The unit board inserts the data cable exactly as shown.
LED display installation
The above picture is the wiring diagram on the back of the screen (for reference)

Check the flatness and installation of the screen as a whole, and adjust if not satisfied
Power on to see if the screen is abnormal
Turn on the computer to install the control software and debug the screen.
Post a show.
This article is for reference only. The actual installation should be adjusted or supplemented based on the site conditions.

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