Fixed led display

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Solution of Fixed led screen display

Application?for:?ourdoor?advertising,?outdoor?billboards,?outdoor?broadcasting,?Stadium,?could?install?on?buildings,?outdoor?stand,?outdoor?pillars,?square,?roadside...fixed led screen display Supports?many?different?format,?also?support?DVI/HDMI/3G/HD/SD/SDI??display?mode,?applicable?for?TV?program,?VCD/DVD?and?live?show.??Smart?mode?available?(optional)?to?monitor?the?overall?working?hours??and?temperature?of?each?cabinet.?Hotplug?in?power?supply.IP65?Protection?level,?displays?could?work?under?rainy?weather,?operating?temperature?range?could?be?-20?~?+60?℃,?and?humidity?could?be?10%?~?90%?RH Features: Uniform?color?and?high?contrast?ratio?ensures?a?clear?and?vivid?image Low?power?consumption Wide?viewing?angle?for?larger?audiences Anti-UV?modules?prevents?damage?from?exposure?to?sunlight High?protection?grade?of?IP65?makes?the?LED?display?waterproof?and?dustproof Safe?and?reliable?operation?ensured?by?a?stable?signal?and?power?supply Synchronous?signals?display?images?steadily?with?no?signal?delay Easy?installation,?dismantling?and?maintenance Uniform?and?stable?pictures?make?this?a?high?performing?LED?screen A?long?life?span The?outdoor?fixed?LED?display?has?high?refresh?rate,?high?brightness?and?high?contrast,?it?can?gererate?more?vivid?and?stable?image?and?offer?you?high?visual?quality,?image?would?keep?bright?and?clear?images?even?in?sunshine

Australian customer’s trailer screen case

This is a trailer screen case from an Australian customer. Screen size is 3.84×1.92M...

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Happy Spring Festival to all Sunrise’s clients

Annual Company Meeting Jack and Melody are the facilitators of the meeting     You...

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P8 outdoor rental screen in Saint Lucia

P8 Rental Screen is located at St. Lucia Racecourse The width is 14.4m, and the height is 4.8m....

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Sunrise Team celebrated Christmas together

On the evening of December 25, 2019, the Sunrise Team celebrated Christmas together. In addition,...

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The new look of Sunrise LED

Thanks to the efforts of the Sunrise team, our meeting rooms and lounge areas are more dynamic. &...

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U.S. 169 square meter truck LED screen shipments

    Sunrise LED Display factory  Truck LED screen  

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Apollo Series LED screen landed at International aviation and space MAKS 2019 Salon Russia

Apollo Series LED screen landed at International aviation and space MAKS 2019 Salon Russia Apollo...

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Sunrise Galaxy media facade just got EMC class B certification

Sunrise, as one of the leading companies in LED media facade field, has been pursuing the R&D...

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