Stadium led display

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Solution of LED display screen in stadium and Gymnasium


Application places:

It is mainly used in football venues, basketball courts, swimming pools and other sports venues.Introduce the player's information, show?the live match, connect the referee system, the timing scoring system, play the match time and score in real time; especially the slow motion playback is the basis for the referee to make the correct decision, and maintain the equal and fair game, reduce the unnecessary conflict; the wonderful scene, slow motion playback, close-up lens, It brings a perfect visual feast to the audience; the playback of commercial advertisements will add to the competition scene, perfect quality and sound effect, and make the scene more competitive and shocking.

The feature of the scheme:

The SMD?3 in 1?technology?is?applied to indoor?with?the display screen around the stadium, with a wide angle of view, high contrast and high refresh rate,, and the color and brightness can be synchronously adjusted to ensure that the audience will not miss the opportunity of real time sports events. Virtual pixel technology makes the display screen of outdoor playing sports video more delicate and lifelike. The Cree and Nichia's surface mounted LED lamps make the display more reliable. Dot?by dot?correction technology is applied to every pixel, every module, each box and the whole screen body, so that the screen has the perfect white balance effect. The high refresh rate up to 3840Hz makes the LED display more stable and effectively avoids the stroboscopic phenomenon when shooting. The software partition function can realize the multiple?screen displays?of the whole screen, and can show?images, real-time display, text, clock and match scores simultaneously. The use of an efficient optical fiber transmission system can effectively reduce the delay of the transmission distance on the stadiums and ensure the consistency of the picture playing. The power and system have dual backup system. Once the fault occurs, it can automatically or manually switch to the standby system without affecting the normal operation of the display. Adopting the latest patented video processing technology to ensure excellent image display effect and arbitrary video conversion capability. The video signals that can be processed include CVBS (composite video), S-Video (S terminal), YCbCr (interlaced component), YPbPr (line by line component), RGBHV (VGA), DVI-D, 2.HDMI, SDI (standard, high-definition serial digital video) and VOIP (Copper). The automatic monitoring system uses PLC as the intelligent control unit, is equipped with monitoring sensors, realizes the monitoring of the external environment and controls the abnormal situation in real time, and can realize remote control with the electronic computer. The cabinet?has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used in different climate regions around the world. The temperature range can be used at -30 - 60 - C or even in high humidity and high salinity air environment.The hemispherical soft shield and soft mask are installed on the top and the front of the screen respectively, which provides,a good safety guarantee for athletes and LED lights. The design of the new box structure meets the requirements of three kinds of installation methods, which are fence, hoisting and stacking. It can be used in various applications and can meet the needs of various users, and it is simple and convenient to use. The cabinet is designed with a triangular door and a unique angle of tilt. Our court screen can adjust the angle of the box (60 to 90 degrees) according to different requirements so that all the audience can see the content of the play. It has good waterproof effect and IP65 protection level, so that the display screen can continue to work for you in rainy weather. The integrated design provides a comprehensive solution for the application of LED display in sports venues.

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