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Sunrise is a listed manufacturer with advanced technique and technology for LED display since 2007. Sunrise’s principle is take the true culture as the core and present the real world. The first element of "truth" is the integrity, gratitude and responsible qualities of Sunrise team; the second element is the high quality, high grade and high standard of Sunrise led display; the third element is the service of Sunrise, active, fast, normative, and thoughtful. Sunrise has a R&D team, 10 of them are Ph.?D. whose major is advanced electronic technology. Sunrise is also cooperating with Shenzhen University, now we are developing the energy-saving technology to reduce the consumption from 600W/sqm to only 150W/sqm, in this case, a lot of electricity cost will be saved. Furthermore, dual backup of power supply and receiving card comes to reality. In LED display industry, most of manufacturers are not able to make dual backup of receiving card, which is super complicated. Sunrise and Shenzhen University make it come true.? With advance R&D team, Sunrise has developed several advanced technology, such as higher color reproduction, higher gray level, as high as 32768 bits, while the average is only 16384 bits. High color reproduction presents more real world. With advanced technique and technology, Sunrise has been approved by several professional certification authority, such as Germany TUV, which has super high requirements on technique, such as ETL, which is one of the most influential laboratories in the USA, such as EAC, which has a high demand on electromagnetic radiation. Sunrise is mainly for transparent led display for Russian market, Middle East Market, rental led display for Germany, France, Australia, USA market, truck led display for USA market. Sunrise will light up your business and future.

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Sunrise Team celebrated Christmas together

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The new look of Sunrise LED

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U.S. 169 square meter truck LED screen shipments

    Sunrise LED Display factory  Truck LED screen  

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