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Galaxy X series

Product Specification:

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Galaxy-X series Biggest Dual Backup Advantage:

Never black Screen
2pcs power supply 
2pcs receing cards
2pcs sending cards
2pcs RJ45 network cables.
Control system has dual backup.
If one set of control system has problems. The whole led screen can not be affected.
Because other one set of control system will replace it to continue work.
Model No. Galaxy-x1515 Galaxy-x2515 Galaxy-x2525 Galaxy-x3115 Galaxy-x3131 Galaxy-x5025
Led type DIP346
Horizontal Spacing 15.625mm 25mm 25mm 31.25mm 31.25mm 50mm
Vertical Spacing 15.625mm 15.625mm 25mm 15.625 31.25mm 25mm
Resolution 4096dots/m2 2560dots/m2 1600dots/m2 2048dots/m2 1024dots/m2 800dots/m2
Gray Scale 16bit
Brightness 8500nits 8000nits 8000nits 7500nits 7500nits 7500nits
Best Viewing Distance 15-300m 20-400m 25-500m 30-500m 30-600m 40-700m
Max Power Consumption 400w/m2
Average Power Consumption 140w/m2
Weight 18kg/m2 16kg/m2 12kg/m2 11kg/m2 10kg/m2 10kg/m2
Thickness 6cm
Refresh Rate 3840Hz
Display Mode 1920*1080
Transparent Rate 40% 60% 60% 70% 70% 80%
Lifetime ≥100000hours
Fire Protection Full V0 class fire retardant
Protection Level IP65
Display Mode 1920*1080

Galaxy X series Media Facade New dual backp design led screen

Outdoor Mesh Led Display:

High protection of cabinet design with flexible shape.
Super light, super thin, super high transparency,high intensity item and easy maintenance.

Light weight, extremely thin and high transparent cabinet:

Whole aluminum frame design, 70mm thickness, 16kg/sqm strip design, light and wind transparency, 60% extremely high wind pressure resistance.

Higher 7500cd/sqm brightness.

Fast installatin and easy front service.
Ingress Protection IP65 Dustproof and Stormproof.
High protections of high temperature, low temperature,lightning and corresion.

1pcs 1000x1000mm cabinet in one carton.

10pcs cartons in one wooden case.
10pcs frames in one wooden case.
Wooden case material is not wood, it does not need to be fumigated.
So it is very suitable used in import and export.
Q1: What does the dual backup means?
A1: The dual backup means if one set of control system can not work. Then other set of control can replace it to continue work. It will not affect whole led screen working situation.

Q2: Can its brightness can be higher?

A2: Yes. Of course, here is a solution to make the whole brightness to be 10000nits.
Q3:How long for the warranty? Can the warranty be longer?
A3: On usual, warranty is 2 years. Of course,according to customers’ requirements,the warranty can be longer such as 3 years or 5 years.
Q4:Except the whole screen and its accessories, what I need to prepare by myself?
A4: Power box, computer,external power cable, external network cable.
Q5:Can this transparent led screen has energy saving advantage?
A5: Yes. Of course, the energy saving is one of its important advantage. It can save a lots of power. In some degree, it can also save a lots of costs in electricity.


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