Technology 丨 Several key technologies of small-pitch LED screen video processor

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With the increasing display area of ​​LED small-pitch products, projects of tens of square meters are not uncommon. The physical resolution of LED display screens often exceeds 1920 × 1200. That is, each super-large-scale LED display screen is composed of several It consists of several independent display areas driven by an LED controller. For the application of a splicer, it is only necessary to provide a number of DVI output interfaces corresponding to the number of LED controllers and splicing and displaying the entire LED screen. In the application of splicers in small-pitch LED displays, there are several key technologies that deserve attention.

Small pitch LED screen video

Signal output synchronization

The multi-channel DVI signal output of the video processor inevitably has the problem of signal synchronization. The out-of-synchronized signal is output to the LED display screen, and the picture tearing phenomenon will appear at the splicing place, especially when playing high-speed moving images. How to ensure the synchronization of signal output becomes the key to measuring the success or failure of a splicing system.

Graphics processing algorithm

We know that the point-to-point image display effect is the best. After the reduced image is processed, if only the ordinary graphics processing technology or the general FPGA graphics processing algorithm is used, the edges of the image will appear jagged, and even pixels will be missing The brightness will also drop. And high-end image processing chips or FPGA systems that use complex graphics processing algorithms will maximize the display effect of the reduced image. Therefore, a good graphics processing algorithm is a key technology used in the splicer of small-pitch LED display.

Non-standard resolution output

The small-pitch LED display is made up of a matrix of display units of the same specifications. The size and physical resolution of each display unit are fixed, but the entire large screen spliced ​​together is often not a standard physical resolution. For example, the resolution of the display unit is 128 × 96, which can only be spelled as 1920 × 1152, but cannot be spelled as 1920 × 1080. In a very large-scale splicing system, the LED display area driven by each LED controller may not be a standard resolution. At this time, it is critical that the splicer has a non-standard resolution output. It can help us quickly find the right one. The splicing method can reasonably allocate resources and effectively save the number of LED controllers and transmission equipment.

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