On the road of highly integrated LED display packaging, who can take the lead in five packaging technologies?(3)

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LED Display technology
  • Cob packaging and IMD technology have several common characteristics. First, both of them can break through the limitations of SMD technology and reduce the pixel spacing to less than 2.0mm. Second, both of them are due to the development of small spacing LED display technology and are mainly used in the field of small spacing LED display. In this way, cob and IMD technology can also be applied to large spacing LED display since they can be applied to small spacing LED display products. It is undeniable that cob technology, due to its inherent defects, will have cost problems when applied to large screen products. However, IMD technology originated from SMD, inheriting SMD experience, technology, equipment and production line, with relatively low application cost, it can be extended to more than 2.0 spacing. In addition, cob packaging and IMD technology are the most discussed topics in the packaging industry in the past two years, exploring the feasibility, reliability, production yield, scope of application, etc. with the deepening of the industry discussion, the two technologies continue to deepen, promoting the two to move towards a more stable and mature application stage. Therefore, it is not impossible for SMD to be replaced by IMD technology in the future.
  • Mini / micro LED display technology is advanced, and there are many technical difficulties to be overcome. The most difficult technology transfer has not yet developed a better solution. In addition, the mini / micro LED display has not formed a corresponding industrial chain. Even if the trend of mini / micro LED display is hot in the future, it will take a long way to go.
LED Display technology
  • From the perspective of application scenarios, conventional screens enter the platform stage. Although the market segments are also in the expansion stage, the development momentum and application scope of small spacing are better. Moreover, with the further implementation of the smart city policy, the security monitoring market will continue to expand; in addition, with the popularization of 5g network, conference visualization has also begun to enter the conference rooms of major enterprises; not only that, enterprises in various subdivisions have also begun to explore the possibility of small spacing display of their products. At present, relatively mature products have appeared on the market. The development trend of several major trends is huge and will continue to drive the development of small spacing LED display screen. Therefore, in the future, the small spacing display field will become the first choice of most LED packaging enterprises, and even the future strategic layout of LED screen enterprises. It can be seen that led display packaging is also moving towards integration.
  • From a technical point of view, SMD, cob and IMD take the lead in breaking through the siege, while from the perspective of development prospects, cob, IMD and mini / micro LED can be expected in the future, but Mini / micro LED has not yet formed a certain development, so cob and IMD stand out. From this comprehensive analysis, it can be concluded that cob and IMD will take the lead in the five packaging technologies.
LED Display technology


  • Cob and IMD technology have their own advantages. How to choose is the problem for most packaging enterprises and LED screen enterprises. Although cob has high packaging cost, it can reduce the traditional solid crystal process, reduce the weight, and develop in the light and thin direction. However, to enter cob field, it is necessary to re purchase equipment, production lines, etc., which requires enterprises to have deep financial strength. IMD technology can use SMD equipment, production lines and personnel experience, and can extend to more than 2.0 fields. Therefore, IMD field is more suitable for the development of packaging enterprises. Since the trend of integrated packaging is irreversible, choose the right path.

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