On the road of highly integrated LED display packaging, who can take the lead in five packaging technologies?(2)

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Application prospect analysis

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  • Dip as the oldest packaging technology, vertical and horizontal packaging field for decades, with the advantages of simple technology and low cost, has a high market share. But this kind of technology needs manual direct plug-in, which is inefficient, and only suitable for outdoor display screen above P10. Under the trend of overall display screen less than 10, and the trend of replacement caused by the aging of early LED screen, dip technology market shrank seriously and quit the main stage of packaging industry history.
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  • SMD is applicable to the packaging of point spacing between p2-p10, and it is also the current mainstream packaging technology in the packaging industry. It has the advantages of mature technology and high efficiency of machine surface mounting, and it has good performance in brightness, consistency, reliability, perspective, appearance, etc. However, due to the existence of the congenital stent problem, there are many problems, such as poor air tightness, poor heat dissipation, uneven light emission and low luminous efficiency. Although through the research and discussion of many enterprises, it still can not completely solve this problem. In addition, in recent two years, the capacity of SMD packaging conventional chips has been seriously over utilized, which has spread to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and the price has declined, and the profit has declined seriously. At the same time, the LED conventional display market has become saturated, and it is difficult to ship conventional lamp beads, and the chip packaging industry has entered a development bottleneck period. It is difficult to ship goods, there is a lot of inventory, the industry is in a low state, and the enterprise suffers from three attacks, so it needs new development impetus to get rid of the development dilemma.
  • At this time, due to the improvement of personalized demand, the market in various segments began to make efforts, among which the small spacing LED display screen rose strongly due to the expansion of security market, becoming the profit point of major enterprises, so the enterprise deployment of major packaging manufacturers also focused on the small spacing lamp beads, and carried out the small spacing plan in an orderly manner. SMD is the most popular packaging technology in the industry, but when the packaging size is less than 2.0, limited by the factors such as the equipment precision of solid crystal, welding wire, scribing (punching), welding wire, etc., it will lead to a sharp increase in the process difficulty, lower yield, and increase the terminal cost. Therefore, SMD packaging is difficult to enter the best profitable small spacing packaging market. SMD technology is not suitable for small spacing packaging, which promotes the birth of another packaging technology with the same root and homology - IMD multiple in one integrated packaging technology.

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