On the road of highly integrated LED display packaging, who can take the lead in five packaging technologies?(1)

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In the past year, due to the emergence of LED display technology, the industry has fully discussed the multi-dimensional development of finished LED display products. On the contrary, the discussion on packaging technology, the threshold for China's initial entry into the LED display industry, has not Systematic discussion. Last year, with the efforts of various LED screen companies, COB technology has been expanded and applied, and the technology has fully blossomed; IMD (all-in-one) technology has matured, and two advanced technologies have led the development trend of the LED display packaging industry. And lead the industry to show the trend of development towards packaging integration. So in the torrent of industry development, who can take the lead in these two technologies?   LED Display China's LED display started from packaging. After decades of development, five major packaging technologies such as DIP, SMD, IMD, COB, and massive transfer were derived, which are suitable for chip packaging with different dot pitches. The five major packaging technologies co-exist, each with its own characteristics and application market. Why is the packaging industry starting to move towards integration? From the perspective of the application characteristics of the five major technologies, you can see for yourself.   LED Display

Technical interpretation

  • DIP technology, the lamp beads are directly inserted into the PCB board, and then made into a display module by soldering, which is a plug-in package.
  • SMD technology is a single or multiple LED chips, which are welded to a metal bracket with a plastic "cup-shaped" frame through a machine, and then the liquid packaging glue is filled into the plastic frame. Paste the package.
  • IMD all-in-one packaging technology integrates two or more pixel structures in one packaging unit. Currently, the four-in-one technology is the most mature and belongs to integrated packaging technology.
  • COB packaging technology, which integrates multiple LED bare chips with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, is directly adhered and packaged on the PCB board, eliminating the need for a bracket and completely sealing the entire module, which is a highly integrated packaging technology. In addition, COB packaging reduces the process of lamp beads and reflow soldering. It integrates upstream, middle, and downstream technologies, combines lamp beads and PCB panel packaging, from LED chip packaging to the production of LED display unit modules or displays. Completed by one enterprise, it requires close cooperation between upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises. This is the integration of production processes.
  • Mini / Micro LED display technology highly integrates millions of wafers together, that is, a huge amount of transfer technology, so it also belongs to highly integrated packaging technology. Combining the above and the development history of packaging technology, we can see that LED display packaging technology is moving towards integration.

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