Basic knowledge of LED display screen(6)

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8. Installation method
indoor led display
Mosaic installation: suitable for small indoor screens. Because the installation space is 
small, in order not to occupy space, the same size area is dug out on the wall according to
the screen area, and the LED display is embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be 
solid. The cost of using pre-maintenance is high. 
Hanging installation: It is suitable for large-scale places such as led electronic display 
screens in stations to play the role of indicating signs. It is required that the screen 
area is small (below 10 square meters), and it is required to have a suitable installation 
location, such as a beam or a cross beam above, and the screen body generally needs a rear 
Wall-mounted installation: Mostly suitable for indoor LED display installation, the area is 
small (less than 10 square meters), the wall requirements are solid walls, hollow bricks or 
simple partition walls are not suitable for this installation method.
outdoor led display
Roof-mounted installation: It is mainly suitable for outdoor advertising led electronic 
display screens. The installation site is mainly the roof of the building. As the height of 
the building increases, the level of wind resistance to be considered must also increase.
Column installation: It is mostly used for the installation of outdoor advertising led 
display, with a wide field of vision and relatively empty surroundings, such as squares and 
parking lots. According to the size of the screen body, it can be divided into single-pillar 
and double-pillar installation.
Shopping points:
Ambient brightness requirements for the brightness of the screen
The general brightness requirements are as follows:
(1) Indoor:> 800CD / M2
(2) Semi-indoor:> 2000CD / M2
(3) Outdoor (sit south and north):> 5500CD / M2
(4) Outdoor (sit north and south):> 8000CD / M2
Consider the screen area allowed by the user site:
(1) Relationship between effective line of sight and actual site size;
(2) Pixel size and resolution;
(3) Area estimation based on the unit;
(4) Screen installation and maintenance operation space;

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